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I am living in Singapore since 2003 with my wife and kids, and in October 2005 we (all 5 in the family) decided to start diving, we went to Phuket and Marina Divers there we got the 2 best instructors you can ask for, Yuko Matsui-Broden and Gunnar Eggers and thanks to them, all of us are now divers, and I could combine another hobby I have, Photography with all the new challenges that comes with it, to take photos under the water. I can just say that I never have regretted the decision to start diving. It is just great. I hope you will enjoy my website and my Underwater Photographs.

I currently using Nikon camera in a Seacam housing, I use different Nikkor lenses: 10.5mm Fisheye, 60mm Macro, 105mm Macro and Sigma: 10-20mm, 15mm and 24mm. I normally use 2 Ikelite DS200 strobes, some photos I am just using Magic Filter and some with an 250W HID torch I had the chance to try when I was in Bali for the Digital Photography Workshop with Michael Aw and Mathieu Meur. Great Workshop by the way!


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