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2011-09-22     I am now a member of the prestigious Ocean Artists Society, founded by Wyland, Talbot and Harvey in 2003, to see their website click here 
2010-07-08     Added Wonderful Water Planet to my links, this is a Photo book project by Naoko Funakoshi, I have contributed with 2 photos click here
2010-06-15     Added Seacam to my links, as I am now belonging to Seacam Family, you can find me under References in Asia or click here.
2010-02-04     Interview with me, Dr. Saw, Chris Chan and Michael Aw at The Living Room on 938LIVE click here to listen.
2009-12-20     Interview with me, Michael AW and Ivan Choong at The Living Room on 938LIVE click here to listen.
2009-12-11     Added a Video for L Aquatique, also changed the video for Sardine Run and an Article about Sardine Run.
2009-08-08     Photos from Puerto Galera 2008, Puerto Galera 2009, Durban 2009 and Tasmania 2009.
2009-06-13     I was awarded Outstanding Achievement in the CTS 2009 The WOW competition
2009-04-07     My first Video on the web site, this is from Sardine Run , this is still a trial, to see it please click here, please let me know if you like it or not.
2009-03-26     More photos added to Triton Bay, Missol, Raja Ampat and Lembeh
2009-03-15     More photos added to Triton Bay, Missol, Raja Ampat and Lembeh
2009-03-14     Photos from Manado, Triton Bay, Misool, Raja Ampat and Lembeh February - March 2009 added.
2009-02-03     Photos from Bali December 2008 and Phuket January 2009 added.
2008-10-23     Added more Photos to Great Barrier Reef
2008-10-14     Photos from Great Barrier Reef, Australia
2008-07-23     Added an Article section to the website.
2008-07-22     1 more picture added to Sardine Run after a request from a screener at will add some more shortly
2008-07-18     More pictures added to Sardine Run
2008-07-15     More pictures added to Sardine Run
2008-07-13     Pictures from Ocean Geographic Sardine Run Expedition 2008 South Africa Wild Coast
2008-06-23     Article in Ocean Geographic about L'Aquatique about our concept for design, to read it click here ,see the pictures from the Fashion Show in Design
                     In the Celebrate The Sea Photo Contest I got a shared 4 place in the category Digital Portfolio.
2008-03-23     Article from ScubaDiver AustralAsia where I and Jeremy are featured, to read it click here
2008-02-23     In latest addition of Scubadiver AustralAsia I and Jeremy Wee have an article on Design, I will publish the article when I can do so, here.
2008-01-05     Added new photos and designs to Design
2007-12-25     More pictures added to Manado.
2007-12-04     Pictures from Ocean Odyssey Digital Shoot Out 2007 in Manado, I got 3rd Price in the Macro competition. More pictures will be posted
2007-11-24     Added pictures from Phuket in November
2007-09-23     Celebrate the Sea Contest is finalized, I ended up in the final round of 10 competitors for the Category Digital Portfolio
                     If you have a picture of a Whale Shark please submit it to ECOCEAN you will find the link under LINKS. 
2007-09-09     Added some more pictures to The Bali trip, and I am in the Final for Celebrate The Sea Contest in Manila! .
2007-08-26     Added a new category in the Picture section and some more pictures from Bali.
2007-08-25     Start changing the layout and added a new category in the Picture section with new pictures.
2007-08-21     New pictures from Digital Download in Bali added to Diving
2007-08-05     Added some pictures from our last Dive trip to Phuket
2007-08-04     My new website opened.